Published: 2nd Oct 2011

Collective ownership models offer the chance of genuine progress in areas where regeneration has ground to a halt. But local and central government must learn to embrace them – or risk repeating mistakes of the past, argue Tom Archer and Rob Rowlands Picture the scene, a demolition site where grass now grows on the mounds where terraced housing once stood and street lamps denote the century old layout of an urban settlement. Pinned up on the notice board is a grand vision – a masterplan for redevelopment. But years roll past as a series of reticent developers express an interest and then think better of it. Those who once lived in this area, which was far from perfect before demolition, have long since been displaced. Despite well-intentioned efforts development has not taken place, and probably won’t for some time. We know this place because we have studied it for five … (To read the full article, subscribe below)