Published: 16th Feb 2021

Three trade unions ​have submitted a claim for a pay rise of at least 10% for all council workers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In a joint statement, Unison, GMB and Unite​ said only a ‘substantial’ pay award from April onwards can begin to tackle years of savage local authority cuts and pay freezes. Under the claim, the ​pay of the lowest paid workers ​would go above £10 per hour – ​lifting them above the ​real ​living ​wage of £9.50 per hour (outside London). Council employees include refuse collectors, library staff, teaching assistants and care ​employees – key workers who help communities to function, ​say the three unions. ‘Local government workers have kept the country going during the Covid crisis,’ said Unison’s head of local government, Jon Richards. ‘Many face daily risks to do their vital work and keep communities safe. But slipping wages and job insecurity have hit morale. ‘Paying staff properly and investing in the workforce … (To read the full article, subscribe below)