Published: 14th Aug 2019

A West Midlands housing provider is aiming to become the first housing association in the UK to build plastic-free houses. Accord Housing Association says it will build 12 homes with ‘as little plastic as possible’ in the construction process, using alternatives to plastic in fitting kitchens, bathrooms and windows and reducing the amount of plastic used in building materials. The houses will be built by Accord’s offsite manufacturing facility LoCaL Homes, which specialises in using modern methods of construction to build energy-efficient homes. Alan Yates, Deputy Chief Executive at Accord, said: ‘This project will change how we manufacture our homes forever. ‘We are increasingly hearing about how single-use plastic waste is having an impact on the world’s environment, from build-up in the oceans, to landfill. ‘We hope that by building houses with a new range of plastic-free components we can play our part to minimise the impact on the environment.’ … (To read the full article, subscribe below)