Published: 1st Feb 2012

Unemployment on the increase, poverty growing, local economies in melt down.  I am tired of hearing the descriptions, and disappointed by the lack of real policy action.  In particular, I am disappointed by ongoing orthodoxies in economic development, which are hampering new thinking as regards addressing unemployment. With Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) in particular, there is too much of a focus on austerity, trickle down and supply-side economics, when they should be thinking about trickle up and stimulating local demand. Its time economic development stepped up to the mark. I know it is difficult times for economic development.  The abolition of the Regional Development Agencies, and a drop in significant regeneration and area based funding, has seen a loss of institutional heft and resources.  Nevertheless, we do have a growing Economic Localism and freedom to do more locally.  Even if economic localism proves to be a false dawn, we should … (To read the full article, subscribe below)