Published: 25th Jan 2018

A new book – Funding the Co-operative City – brings together experiments across Europe that show new ways to finance and organise community spaces and services. One is ExRotaprint, a former industrial complex in Berlin that has become a co-operatively owned area, and which paved the way for a shift in the city’s privatisation policy The following article is an edited version of one of the essays in Funding the Cooperative City, called ExRotaprint: community ownership against speculation, written by Daniela Brahm and Les Schliesser ExRotaprint was founded in 2007 by tenants of the Rotaprint industrial complex in Wedding, a traditional working class district in northwest Berlin. When the complex was put up for sale by the Berlin Municipality’s Real Estate Fund, members of the ExRotaprint began to look into the possibility of buying the area. Teaming up with two anti-speculation foundations, the non-profit company established by the tenants became … (To read the full article, subscribe below)