Published: 19th Apr 2011

I’m somewhat giddy with excitement at finding something to be pleased about in recent government policy. Usually very low on my tolerance meter (or the Tolermetron ™) is housing minister Grant Shapps, but I have to admit I was pleased when he announced ‘Tenant Cashback will allow residents to take more control of their repairs budgets for their homes, for example carry out their own DIY, or commission it locally and pocket any savings made. Cash they could use however they want – for example, towards a deposit on their own house’. I don’t mind playing prolier than thou, so I’ll tell you I grew up on a massive council estate and as far as I was aware everyone considered their homes to be their own. Numerous members of my family still live in council houses (and on the same estate, oh the poverty of aspiration, weep those who’d have … (To read the full article, subscribe below)