Published: 8th Mar 2012

I’ve just finished reading the latest Smith Institute report on local enterprise partnerships (LEPs) entitled Changing gear – is localism the new regionalism which gives a fresh and interesting range of perspectives on the coalition government’s ideas on LEPs, localism, rebalancing and of course, the ultimate prize of economic growth. As the report states in chapter six, the governance of economic development is subject to permanent revolution, whether it’s as a result of a change of government or a change in opinion about how to re-assemble growth. It’s as if, every few years, the storm clouds gather at Westminster and what follows is a series of thunderbolts and lightning strikes which shock economic development into a new round of flux.  This flux sets off the process of partnership merry-go-rounds, fraying nerves, resource depletion and strategy reprints. Of course, in the spirit of localism, this episodic change is initiated and driven … (To read the full article, subscribe below)