Published: 15th Feb 2019

A million rental properties across England and Wales have no Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), with tens of thousands of landlords breaking the law, according to a report. An EPC provides ratings to indicate the relative energy performance and environmental impact of a property, and since the Energy Performance of Buildings 2012 Act, all properties marketed to let in England and Wales must have an EPC in place. Approximately 37% of housing stock is rented (17% social, 20% private), indicating around 7.98 million properties in England are rented and require an EPC. However, research conducted by housing tech firm Spec estimate there are only 6.3 million lodged EPCs for rentals, indicating that there are around 1 million properties being rented without EPCs illegally. The report also found that a total of 15%, or 2.5 million, have incorrect EPCs with Domestic Energy Assessors giving homes a higher score than they should receive due to … (To read the full article, subscribe below)