Published: 5th Nov 2009

Alex Sobel is spending thirty days shopping only at social enterprises. Follow his progress here: And then it was Waitrose On Tuesday after posting my last post I went the University of Leeds for a meeting and afterwards I went to the student union to visit its shop for a snack, I was pleasantly surprised the shop stocks mainly co-operative group products as well as high st brands and the union’s own food which is branded with a great tagline ‘not for profit – just for students’ not only acknowledging its status as a social enterprise but proudly extolling their mission in just 6 words, go on see if you can do it for your social enterprise – I must admit I am struggling a bit. I had meetings in Sheffield this morning and afterwards I used the opportunity to visit the region’s only Waitrose Petrol Station in Sheffield City … (To read the full article, subscribe below)