Published: 28th Nov 2018

House sharing platform SpareRoom has teamed up with charities RSPCA and Crisis, landlord representatives, economists and vets and to launch a ‘think tank for pets’ which will address the lack of pet-friendly rental accommodation in the UK. They hope the coalition will develop ideas and policy suggestions to encourage more landlords to consider allowing pets into their properties – an issue that’s becoming ever more important as young people spend longer in private rented accommodation before getting on the housing ladder. SpareRoom plans to employ cats and dogs as ‘research assistants’, to help better educate landlords and emphasise the positive effects that pets can have on tenants and properties. The pets’ role would be to visit rented homes and demonstrate to landlords how well-trained cats and dogs might behave and treat their properties. SpareRoom say landlords can benefit from more income, as many tenants are happy to pay a small … (To read the full article, subscribe below)