Published: 24th Feb 2021

A community’s right to influence how their public services are run and how public spaces are used should be enshrined in law, according to a new report.  The report by think tank New Local – Community Power: The Evidence – calls for a Community Power Act to help make sure people have control over local services. The report also highlights six key benefits of community power – improved health and wellbeing; greater community resilience; boosted democratic participation; increased community cohesion; more preventative services; and financial savings. It also argues policymakers are failing to recognise the value of community power, partly because they are unable to measure its impact in narrow, conventional terms. The report also calls on the Treasury to follow the example of New Zealand and adopt ‘wellbeing budgets’, which will take account of broader health and happiness, as well as narrow financial outcomes. ‘We are sitting at a critical crossroads. The … (To read the full article, subscribe below)