Published: 11th Apr 2012

Lamanche Community Farm was funded through Kickstarter Crowdfunding is now a legal form of finance for start-ups in the US. Storm Cunningham looks at the success of the model on local renewal in the first of two articles from his new book ReCivilising: Rise of the Renewal Renegades There’s nothing new about citizens banding together to provide a service their local government should be providing, but isn’t… or to stop their local government from doing (or supporting) something they are doing, but shouldn’t be. There’s also nothing new about citizens using social media to organize such activities more efficiently. What is new is citizens using crowd technologies to quickly design, fund, and launch local projects and programmes to improve their communities. Social media only connects people: in order to effect real change, cooperation on real work is needed. That’s where crowd technologies enter the scene. In … (To read the full article, subscribe below)