Published: 24th Jul 2012

A collaborative approach to troubled families in the Netherlands shows that local leadership can come from many levels, as Bas Denters, Pieter-Jan Klok and Mirjan Oude Vrielink explain The city of Enschede, situated on the eastern border of the Netherlands, and three local housing associations have initiated a fresh approach to tackling problems of multiple deprivation. Known as the Social GP Programme or neighbourhood coach programme, it represents, in the Dutch context at least, a new model. In both the Netherlands and the UK, GPs are often the ?rst point of contact for a patient requiring advice and assistance relating to their health. In simple terms, they draw on a wide general knowledge, and a variety of health service providers, to meet the needs of the patient. The idea behind the Social GP model is much the same. Social GPs act as individual counsellors to people facing multiple or complex … (To read the full article, subscribe below)