Published: 1st May 2011

I recently gave evidence to the Regeneration Select committee, commenting on the document: regeneration to enable growth: What Government is doing in support of community-led regeneration. One of the key, things I tried to convey, was that failing place, is a problem that market will not solve it on its own. Even in the economic good times, growth did not deliver for some places and people.  To achieve regeneration, in the context of localism and less resources, we need to work differently. Regeneration is needed when some or a combination of parts of the public, social or commercial network in any given place, are failing. As my colleague Sarah Longland’s outlines in a blog and as was stated in our written submission, regeneration in the future, is about re-connecting up this network in new ways. Local government, has a key interconnecting and stewardship role in this. The regeneration hokey-cokey is about local government being fleet of foot and nimble. In this it … (To read the full article, subscribe below)