Published: 18th Feb 2014

Being a practitioner it’s healthy to start with realism. Budgets are stretched, cutbacks enforced, while procurement rules are toughened at local authority level. Add to this the fact that solar photovoltaic is still seen as a sustainability issue, the domain of the sustainability officer, not the financial director. This view is outdated: the commercial world has been talking about ‘yields’ from solar [the return to the investor] rather than carbon saved for ages. Solar PV promised so much when it leapt out of the starting blocks four years ago, but the picture become confused with policy change, and ‘get rich quick’ strategies. Which begs the question: why are there overseas banks with £100m to spend on solar PV, or domestic Enterprise Investment Scheme funds with a cool £100 – £300m to invest? The answer is that solar is still yielding a cool double-digit return; add to that tax breaks, in … (To read the full article, subscribe below)