Published: 25th Jun 2020

Sade Joseph, CT Consultant at multi-disciplinary management consultancy Campbell Tickell, reflects and outlines a call to action to all, following last week’s Black Lives Matter demonstrations and show of solidarity for George Floyd, and many others before him. My heart is heavy and I’ve struggled to find the words to describe how I’m feeling after the senseless and brutal murder of George Floyd. I’m outraged that yet another black person is a victim of police brutality. I’m sick and tired of us black people being slaughtered, disrespected and undervalued because of our skin colour. Enough is enough! I demand justice, peace, respect and equality! Police brutality and systemic racism is nothing new. It has been happening for decades and happens overtly and covertly every day (in the UK, US and worldwide), except now it is being captured on film and posted on social media. This is not a trend or hashtag, it’s … (To read the full article, subscribe below)