Published: 23rd Jun 2011

Effective community engagement in decision making is crucial in the current economic climate. To this end, we developed the Living Streets Community Game as a way for residents, councils and other agencies to identify local priorities together. As the clock ticks, players learn about time pressures involved with managing budgets and the knock-on effect to decision making. The game is tailored to streets in the local area and can be played by participants of different ages and backgrounds, from community forums to school councils. A key element is about participants justifying improvements, from trees and traffic calming to shop front improvements, street lighting, housing and health facilities. As well as facilitating democratic involvement in local environments, it’s a great way of bringing together groups to share different perspectives. It’s also a useful tool for capacity building and conflict resolution, and the budgeting element provides valuable learning for participants during a … (To read the full article, subscribe below)