Published: 12th Apr 2012

One of New Anglia’s most famous sons is John Winthrop, born in Suffolk in 1587 a founding pilgrim of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, which we know better today as New England. Winthrop is recognised in history for his biblical vision of a ‘city on a hill’, which still influences modern day political thinking across the world. That vision was of a city standing proud and a city built of rock. It was one of ‘…free ports humming with commerce and creativity…’ That vision is one that many across Norfolk and Suffolk share but whether they would see the green economy as part of that vision is another matter. If Winthrop were alive today would his pulse race on first hearing of a ‘Green Economy Pathfinder?’ Who knows, but it is one of the biggest opportunities for Norfolk and Suffolk business, perhaps in a generation. There is no doubt that the … (To read the full article, subscribe below)