Published: 8th Feb 2012

Not a lot happens in Bristol: one of the headlines on the BBC website over the weekend was ‘Bristol unaffected by snow falls’.   Today we were treated to ‘crash lorry doesn’t fall in river’ which must have trended on Twitter within minutes.  Amongst all the shock and horror one positive thing caught my eye: Bristol is to launch its own currency in May, imaginatively named the Bristol Pound or the £B. The scheme will be administered by the Bristol Credit Union and for every ‘real’ pound deposited the account owner will be receive one £B.   Going a bit further than other local currencies, the £B will be able to be transferred electronically and by mobile phone.  In an innovative step forward the city council is taking part in the scheme and local traders will be able to pay business rates to the council using the £B. The currency is an … (To read the full article, subscribe below)