Published: 20th Dec 2018

There are no shortcuts to local authority planning approval, says Sam Dewar, director of planning experts DPA Planning, who believes that following best practice and close co-operation are the key to securing success in 2019. In the 12 months ending June 2018, district level planning authorities granted 374,200 decisions (down 3% on the year ending June 2017); 48,800 decisions on residential developments, of which 6,400 were for major developments; and 42,400 were for minors (down by two and 3% respectively on the year ending June 2017). More than 9,700 applications for commercial developments were also granted, down 11% on the year ending June 2017. Impressive numbers, undoubtedly. However, what they don’t show is the level of applications that failed, or never even made first base. Nor do they show the length of time applications have been stuck in the system.  While there’s never any beauty in statistics, they also fail … (To read the full article, subscribe below)