Published: 16th Jan 2015

Systems thinking can seem complex and inaccessible but even the smallest group of people working towards change can learn from it. Kate Swade sets out five ways to use it. Google ‘systems change’ and you get almost 1.5bn results. Do the same with ‘systems thinking’ and you get almost 23 million. There is a wealth of thinking, debate, theory and practice out there – once you become aware of the language, it can seem that everyone’s doing it, or talking about it at least. I’ve worked in the development trust and community asset movements for almost 10 years, and had come to think of myself as very much a practitioner. Not distrustful of theories, exactly, but unsure of their relevance to my work. I don’t tend to be a grand narratives type of person, and have always learnt far more from working with people than from reading theories. I came … (To read the full article, subscribe below)