Published: 23rd Jan 2015

Think back to when you woke up, you maybe turned the light on, got in the car (or…walked) to go to work and grabbed a coffee on the way. The systems your lighting, your transport and your food are part of all feel very difficult to influence and the actors that dominate them very distant. Yet, we all make decisions that collectively and over time, impact them, whether it’s you complaining about the cost of electricity, buying coffee from an independent shop rather than a multinational or choosing whether to drive or walk. But it’s not just the roads we pass through on the way to work, it’s how we interact with the communities we live in. It’s not just the energy we consume, it’s how we use the natural resources around us. Systems don’t stop at the borders of our countries, let alone of our neighbourhoods. How do we … (To read the full article, subscribe below)