Published: 11th Feb 2019

Sustainable housing developments should have more environmentally-friendly features ‘built-in’ rather than them relying on good resident behaviour, a new report has found. Research conducted by the University of York found that ‘built-in’ measures are more successful at making housing developments sustainable than measures which rely on residents understanding new technology or changing their habits. The report, based on analysis of the new Derwenthorpe housing development just outside York, also found that giving residents an equal stake in their community can help change their behaviour, reducing their community’s carbon footprint. Deborah Quilgars, senior research fellow from the University’s Centre for Housing Policy, said: ‘Our report showed that resident satisfaction was highest with regard to the design of the properties, which included high ceilings, large windows, potential to extend, and specially designed properties for those with disabilities and other health conditions. ‘Green outdoor space, including ponds, a playground and large open spaces … (To read the full article, subscribe below)