Published: 13th Dec 2011

We asked six leading experts to give their verdict on the events of 2011 in the key areas of public services, local economic development, civil society, poverty, sustainability and housing and suggest the way forward in 2012. Julian Dobson reflects on a year when aspirations to become ‘the greenest government ever’ were unceremoniously dumped One of Copenhagen’s bike-friendly trains. Earlier this year a major city explained why it was so proud of its green technology sector. ‘Investing in cycling lanes not only cuts CO2 emissions and improves citizens’ health and quality of life, but improves the bottom line of the city,’ it explained. ‘Investing in an integrated public transport system not only reduces traffic congestion, but saves billions… and keeps the city efficient and competitive. Homegrown energy not only produces electricity, but allows local businesses to become strong and competitive.’ London? Clearly not. Liverpool or Leeds? … (To read the full article, subscribe below)