Published: 20th Jul 2012

Our fourth annual Big Squeeze survey illustrates the perfect storm that is brewing for London’s most vulnerable communities. Not only have many essential community services and organisations already been lost through four consecutive years of reduced government funding, but this year we found that demand for services continues to grow, with advice services seeing the biggest increase in demand. This suggests that more and more people are seeking advice on issues arising as a result of short-term unemployment, welfare reform and increasing poverty. The risk is that as these issues become more entrenched, demand for support will continue to increase, putting additional pressures on an already-overworked sector. Sudden cuts in public sector spending have forced commissioners to make quick decisions which tend to favour short-term solutions at the risk of creating longer-term and more costly problems. In 2011-12, 41% of organisations reported having closed services. We are also aware that … (To read the full article, subscribe below)