Published: 27th Nov 2013

‘So you think what you do on this housing estate is a good example of best practice?’ I ask. ‘Yes, absolutely,’ they reply. ‘Could we speculate that your advice centre is possibly the best in the UK?’ They glance at each other. They hadn’t thought about it like that before, but why not? ‘We know we haven’t got everything right, we have to constantly adapt our approach, but there is a lot about what we do that works well.’ This is our first meeting. ‘They’ are one of the neighbourhood management teams from Bolton at Home, a housing trust with 18,000 homes in this Greater Manchester town. I’m a freelance photographer and writer and we’re discussing how we might tell the story of one of their advice centres that supports a particularly challenging estate in east Bolton. The result of our deliberations is a blog, As Rare as Rubies, which … (To read the full article, subscribe below)