Published: 8th Mar 2011

Measuring the impact of a service isn’t simply about statistics – you need to highlight the human side. Your funding may well depend on it, says Tim Crabbe   Last month the youth sector was accused of failing to explain the difference it makes. This indictment came from the chair of the education select committee inquiry into young people’s services who said the lack of good quality evidence was weakening the sector’s case for government funding. The funding tap is already running dry. According to recent research, one in four of England’s youth services face severe cuts of between 21-30%. But amid the doom and gloom of cuts there recently came some good news. Positive Futures – a programme to help prevent young people becoming involved in crime – will continue to receive £10m of Home Office funding over the next two years. So what has Positive Futures done differently? … (To read the full article, subscribe below)