Published: 15th Nov 2011

In light of the attempt to transfer the assets of Rise to the ailing Social Enterprise Mark Company (Semco), Rory Ridley-Duff asks: is it time for Social Enterprise Mark (SEM) award holders and infrastructure bodies to take ownership of the SEM brand and reshape it for use by the whole social enterprise movement? Recently, I wrote an academic paper (co-authored with Cliff Southcombe) about the Social Enterprise Mark.  This generated debate not only among practitioners on the Guardian website, but also social enterprise educators and researchers at the International Social Innovation Research Conference in London. That paper, in revised form, has now won a ‘best paper’ award at the 34th Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship conference, and is contributing to an international review of social enterprise concepts in four continents by Social Enterprise Europe.  Recognising the connection between social enterprise and co?operative concepts (democracy, equality, solidarity, mutuality and reciprocity) … (To read the full article, subscribe below)