Published: 14th Jun 2019

Social enterprise can play a key role in reshaping ailing high streets, stepping into spaces where private businesses are no longer viable, writes Nicola Steuer, managing director of the School for Social Entrepreneurs. One of the biggest challenges local authorities and businesses are facing together is how to respond to the ‘death of the high street’. As the future of the Arcadia Group hangs in the balance, and household names, like Debenhams, collapse into administration, councils are taking over the management of shopping centres and the CBI is calling for an independent review of business rates in a bid to stem the woes of the off-line retail sector. What’s clear is that bold and radical thinking is needed to create high streets and town centres that can respond to our increasingly digital lifestyles. Reshaping our high streets and commercial centres is going to need to consider everything from making environmentally … (To read the full article, subscribe below)