Published: 22nd Jan 2019

The Labour Party will put social enterprise at the heart of its economic policymaking, according to the shadow business secretary. Speaking at the Social Enterprise UK and Labour Business Future of Business Summit. Rebecca Long-Bailey told delegates that ‘we are putting social enterprise at the heart of our economic policy making.’ The shadow business secretary added ‘social enterprise is integral to our industrial strategy’. In a wide-ranging speech, Ms Long-Bailey talked about the need for a new economy based on treating workers better and being more environmentally sustainable. She said that a Labour Government would tackle the UK’s record as being the most regionally unequal society on record. Ms Long-Bailey also said that a Labour Government would do more to promote ‘positive procurement’, rewarding businesses which treated their staff fairly and paid their taxes. She also said that more needed to be done to ‘democratise’ the UK’s energy sector, with … (To read the full article, subscribe below)