Published: 19th Oct 2011

With unemployment at its highest for nearly 20 years it’s good to see Grant Shapps tackling the problem head on even though it’s not even his day job to do so. He recently announced the launch of Home Swap Direct which, if you’ll forgive my cynicism, sounds like one of those dodgy finance schemes where a man in an ill-fitting shiny suit comes and takes ownership of your property in return for a handful of loose change so that you can afford to eat and put your two-bar electric fire on in your twilight years. But no, this is aimed at people in social housing who find a job in another area and will allow them to swap their house with similar tenants anywhere in the country! How marvellous! Except you can do that already but let’s not dwell on the vacuity of politician’s announcements else this blog would never … (To read the full article, subscribe below)