Published: 4th Jan 2019

East Riding of Yorkshire Council. Southend-on-Sea and Bridlington were the big winners at the Institute of Economic Development (IED) awards night, which was held last month. East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s refurbishment of Bridlington Spa earned it the Most Sustainable Outcome award. As part of the Bridlington regeneration strategy – dance, theatre and conference venue Bridlington Spa was identified as being ideally placed to capture the regeneration aspirations of the town and the local authority, given its unique position as a physical and spiritual landmark for over 100 years of Bridlington’s history. The development was undertaken as the focal point for regeneration of the whole area. The £25m refurbishment project ran from 2006-2008 and East Riding of Yorkshire Council submitted its nomination for the IED award to coincide with the 10th anniversary of Bridlington Spa’s re-launch. The nomination also highlighted how, in midst of the economic … (To read the full article, subscribe below)