Published: 21st Dec 2011

Alex Neil, cabinet secretary for infrastructure and capital investment, launches Scotland’s regeneration strategy Scotland’s new regeneration strategy pledges to renew the government’s focus on community-led solutions. Good news for housing associations? Austin Macauley reports After years of what has been dubbed ‘initiativitis’, it’s refreshing to read a government strategy that kicks off by stressing that it has no intention of launching into wholesale changes. In his foreword to Achieving a sustainable future, Alex Neil, Scotland’s cabinet secretary for infrastructure and capital investment, says the document ‘does not seek to radically change viable development models, but instead looks to build on previous success and encourage innovative ways of working where this can support progress’. The contrast between the Scottish Government’s regeneration strategy, published this month, and the UK government’s Regeneration to enable growth is striking. The latter talks in rather woolly terms about localism as if it’s … (To read the full article, subscribe below)