Published: 7th Oct 2020

Croydon Council has appointed auditors PwC to carry out an independent strategic review of its companies, including its housing firm Brick by Brick. The review will look at any risks or any liabilities that the London borough may face with other council-owned companies and organisations like Croydon Affordable Homes, the Growth Zone and Revolving Investment Fund. It will also examine the overall financial health and governance arrangements of Brick by Brick, as well as review the viability of projects within its development pipeline. According to the London borough, this ‘will lead to the development of an action plan to address any issues of concern or risk to the governance, performance, and finances of Brick by Brick and how that might affect the council’. The second part of the review will inform the council’s long-term strategy, again given the significant financial constraints facing the council and the need to maximise the … (To read the full article, subscribe below)