Published: 20th Jun 2019

An independent report has called for the government to adopt a new national housing and homeless strategy and devolve more powers to councils. The Local Government Homelessness Commission (LGHC), which was established by the Local Government Information Unit (LGIU) says the recent dramatic rise in homelessness across the country is the result of a ‘national policy failure’. It argues that the current funding for homelessness services is ‘piecemeal, unproductive and fragmented’and the only way to tackle the issue and address its root cause is a ‘long-term project’ with public sector organisations working together. In particular, the report warns that homelessness is a much bigger issue than just people sleeping rough. It claims for every two people sleeping rough on the streets, there are 98 in shelters, temporary accommodation, bed and breakfasts, or moving between precarious forms of accommodation. The report says that ‘as a matter of urgency’ the government should … (To read the full article, subscribe below)