Published: 23rd Jun 2011

He led government efforts to tackle deprivation during a time of unprecedented public investment. The money may have dried up, but Joe Montgomery’s determination to make a difference hasn’t. Clare Goff meets him The Urban Land Institute was born at a time when the economic challenges were similar to those of today, says Joe Montgomery, the organisation’s recently appointed chief executive for Europe. That year was 1936, the height of the Great Depression. Then, as now, there was a need for fresh thinking about how private developers and government work together to shape urban environments.? ‘ULI wanted to have a much bigger dialogue about how public and private combine to make our cities work well and to create prosperity and liveability,’ he says. ‘Those same themes apply now, with government having to rethink how much it can afford to spend and local authorities challenged to innovate.’ ULI has become a … (To read the full article, subscribe below)