Published: 11th Mar 2009

The Name is Pond, James Pond Over the last two decades we have: opened nine businesses and closed five. We have served a million customers with half a million filled rolls, laundered a quarter of a million items of clothing, including 10,000 muddy Scotland Rugby kits and some money (left in pockets). We made and sold 100,000 bars of soap, and provided 55,000 overnight stays, embroidered 20,000 polo shirts, and last Christmas floated 500 ‘James Pond’ ducks (don’t ask). Babies & Leaky Roofs Over the years we have employed around 700 people, celebrated the birth of 26 babies and lost a few close friends. We have shed tears of laughter and of sadness. We have written around 300 ‘congratulations on your new job’ cards for our services users, and welcomed some back. People have moved on and have been promoted; most loved working here but some didn’t. We have had … (To read the full article, subscribe below)