Published: 24th Sep 2013

Philip Colligan is executive director of Nesta’s Innovation Lab. He spoke to New Start about embedding innovation within councils and why local government is well-placed to solve today’s challenges What’s your definition of innovation? Ninety per cent of what’s called innovation is about improving what you’ve got – answering your calls better, delivering public services more efficiently and effectively. But what we’re more interested in is transformative innovation, which is about asking fundamentally different questions rather than asking how do we do something better. Take care homes. Innovation might ask ‘how can we get better care homes at lower cost which serve more people?’. That takes you down a certain path. But the type of innovation we’re more interested in is asking the question ‘what will help older people live better lives?’. This takes you down a route that may not be about care homes but may be about creating … (To read the full article, subscribe below)