Published: 28th Feb 2011

His career has tracked 30 years of economic development in north-west England. Now in his first major local authority role, Nick Gerrard tells Clare Goff why we need the private sector like never before From his wood-panelled office in the 1930s-built Trafford Town Hall, some might say Nick Gerrard has landed one of the cushiest economic development posts in the country. Named the seventh most resilient economy in England and the enterprise capital of the northwest, Trafford’s fortunes are well-established and on the rise. The pessimistic vision of its economy over the next five years estimates the creation of over 8,000 new jobs. Within metres of the town hall, the Old Trafford cricket club and the offices of Kellogg’s sum up the twin business and leisure offer behind the borough’s success. Trafford Business Park, the first and still possibly the largest in Europe, houses 1,300 companies and is responsible for … (To read the full article, subscribe below)