Published: 17th Apr 2019

FC United of Manchester is one of 7,800 community businesses in the UK. Credit: Peter McDermott The independent trust Power to Change has launched a new campaign to shine a light on how community businesses across the UK are working to tackle society’s biggest problems. Community businesses are being asked to share how and why they matter to local people as part of the ‘Community Business Matters’ campaign. Power to Change will launch a series of campaign films that show how community businesses are working to help with issues such as social isolation and poor mental health. Vidhya Alakeson, the CEO of Power to Change, said: ‘The beauty of community business is that anyone can get involved, from setting one up, to becoming a shareholder, trustee, volunteer, employee or valued customer. ‘One of our core priorities at Power to Change is to help communities to harness … (To read the full article, subscribe below)