Published: 15th Dec 2014

Planning has played a transformational role in improving the quality of life of all of our communities. In the past, planning has proved itself capable of dealing with overcrowding, poor quality housing and public realm, creating jobs, improving infrastructure and most importantly, securing greater social equity. However, planning has become increasingly disconnected from peoples’ lives because it no longer deals with many of the issues people care about. We have seen a trend towards deregulation and an increasing emphasis on a market-led approach to decision making across our communities, which fails to take into account the multiple social, economic and environmental challenges facing our cities. At the same time much of the political and media debate about the future of planning has become a largely sterile discussion of the merits of continued deregulation. The result; planning and planners are currently about as popular as dental surgery. But we don’t need … (To read the full article, subscribe below)