Published: 15th Jun 2011

The links between poverty and place are revealed in a three-year study by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. JRF programme manager Alison Jarvis explains its importance I live three miles from my birthplace, round the corner from my sister, a short car ride from my mum and within walking distance (in nice weather!) of my childhood address. I moved – briefly – for higher education, but I came home; I can totally relate to attachment to place. I’ve known poverty, but I’ve had a lot of luck in my life journey. My parents’ (council) house was in a relatively affluent suburb; I went to a good (state) school. Today I live in a (pretty) village from which I can readily commute to my (satisfying) job. What might things have been like if fate hadn’t smiled on me so much yet I’d still had the same strong commitment to my locality? A … (To read the full article, subscribe below)