Published: 11th May 2020

A pioneering project has been launched by the University of Exeter has been launched to develop new initiatives for greener home heating. The SHIFFT project (Sustainable Heating: Implementation of Fossil-Free Technology) is designed to help transform low carbon heating in houses and public spaces. The project, which includes a team of six University of Exeter researchers, led by Professor Peter Connor from Exeter’s Penryn Campus in Cornwall, is funded by a €5.7M investment by the EU’s INTERREG 2 Seas programme. The project has two key aims – to develop city strategies for four local authorities to reduce their heating carbon footprint and to develop practical low carbon heating solutions for four projects across four countries. They are tied together by the development of strategies to maximise ‘co-creation’, that is, community involvement in each process. Heat accounts for 79% of energy consumption in the typical European household, he said, yet researchers … (To read the full article, subscribe below)