Published: 7th May 2018

Britain’s parks and green spaces provide people with more than £34 billion of health and wellbeing benefits, according to new research. A new report by Fields in Trusts claims the £34 billion is as a result of people enjoying greater life satisfaction, along with improved physical and mental health, directly as a result of using regularly using parks and green spaces. It adds the nation’s parks and green spaces also save the NHS at least £111 million per year through prevented GP visits. The report also calculates that parks provide a total economic value to each person in the UK of just over £30 per year. The value of parks and green spaces is higher for individuals from lower socio-economic groups and also from black and minority ethnic backgrounds. And the report warns any loss of parks and green spaces will disproportionately impact disadvantaged and underrepresented communities. But recent research from … (To read the full article, subscribe below)