Published: 23rd May 2019

The think-tank Localis has assembled a panel of experts to examine the impact of the Social Value Act. Localis has assembled a panel of experts as part of a new research project, called The Value of Everything, who will attempt to quantity the extent to which the impact of the legislation could be improved through better practice and more consistent implementation. The Social Value act first came into force in January 2013 and calls on all public sector organisations to factor in economic, social and environmental well-being when awarding contracts. But since it became law, there have been questions raised about how effective it is and whether or not it should be strengthened. The panel includes former communities secretary, Hazel Blears, the chief executive of Social Value UK, Ben Carpenter and Kensington and Chelsea RLBC chief executive, Barry Quirk. ‘Ultimately, the Social Value Act does not go far enough. It requires no … (To read the full article, subscribe below)