Published: 1st Oct 2020

The current COVID-19 crisis has dealt a ‘body blow’ to the UK economy, which will take many years to recover, according to a new report out today (1 October). The report by the UK2070 Commission warns the pandemic has ‘not been a leveller’ and has reduced access to job opportunities, tested basic services to the limit, and exposed and reinforced existing patterns of inequality. It argues deprived communities have experienced the worst consequences of the pandemic. Nine of the ten worst affected local authorities are in the Midlands or the North West, while high-performing local economies, like Oxford, Milton Keynes, London and Edinburgh, tend to be less exposed. The report also claims the government’s current recovery programmes are ‘short term and not sufficient’ to deliver the change required. Instead, it calls for a £375bn 25-year ‘New Deal’ strategy for Just Recovery to help disadvantaged communities get access to good jobs. It also … (To read the full article, subscribe below)