Published: 12th Sep 2017

Oxford council has pledged to spend £64m over the next four years to increase the availability of affordable housing in the city. The local authority announced this week it plans to treble the amount of money it spends on new build through the council-owned Oxford Housing Company. The council spent £17m over the past four years delivering a range of affordable homes through the council and will now spend £64m over the next four years. According to the council, the company will build 530 affordable homes between now and 2022/23 and it is already planning the delivery of a further 500 affordable homes beyond that date. Current and planned developments include Barton Park, Oxpens and Northern Gateway. The council’s new local plan aims for a minimum of 2050 affordable homes to be built in the city between now and 2022/23, including 530 by the Oxford Housing Company. The plan also … (To read the full article, subscribe below)