Published: 14th May 2020

Oxford City Council will attempt to maintain the environmental benefits of the coronavirus lockdown, as restrictions are gradually lifted from this week. Since the start of lockdown at the end of March, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels have fallen by 59% compared with pre-lockdown measurements, and the local authority is looking at several options to keep polluting vehicles out of the city centre including reallocating road space to pedestrians and cyclists, suspending all loading bays during the day, pedestrianising certain city centre streets and closing roads for outdoor cafes. They say the measures being considered would be designed to help kick start the city centre economy, encouraging people back in as the lockdown is progressively lifted. Some might also be sustained beyond the coronavirus pandemic, to ‘transform’ the city centre, maintaining Oxford’s improved air quality, quieter streets, and ensuring safer movement around the city and better use of public space. The … (To read the full article, subscribe below)