Published: 1st Oct 2012

It is easy enough to say this or that needs to change. There is always something wrong, something stopping things happening. I sat at a conversation last week about towns. The subject of change came up. For some, the argument is simple: towns are failing because we are not providing the right product. It is a problem of supply. The spaces are wrong, there isn’t enough parking, historic patterns of row shops are unsuitable for modern retail. Unless this is changed, decline will continue. Someone needs to do something. We need to give shovel ready schemes all the support they need, from compulsory purchase orders to easy planning. The supply of space needs to be re-profiled. By who? Others felt that the issue is about legislation. It is a problem of context. There is too much legislation, and too much red tape, and too much mindless measurement of process performance. … (To read the full article, subscribe below)