Published: 10th Feb 2021

A leading retail expert has cautioned the government against introducing an online sales tax and warned it will not save struggling high street shops. Bill Grimsey said the government needs to realise that high streets are evolving and ‘you simply can’t stop progress’. His comments follow calls by the Tesco chief executive, Ken Murphy and other supermarkets like Morrisons and Asda for an online sales tax to ‘level the playing field’. In a letter to the chancellor, the chief executives argue that rebalancing the tax system to ensure online retailers pay a fair share of tax would ‘be revenue-neutral, provide a vital boost to bricks and mortar retailers and support communities in need of levelling up’. But Mr Grimsey, who last year wrote a report that called for communities to be given a say in how high streets are designed, was not convinced. ‘If government introduces an online sales tax … (To read the full article, subscribe below)